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Dress Code: Cocktail Attire

Updated: Jan 9

Among the many good things we can resume post-Covid is the opportunity to dress up again. Dressing down definitely became de rigueur during the pandemic isolation. So much so that you couldn't even find a pair of pumps to buy anywhere (not even online!) All that was available were a variety of sneakers to match the tracksuits everyone was relegated to wearing. Thank goodness those days are over. It's so much fun getting back to dressing up again.

Dare I talk too soon as, who really dresses up anymore? Besides the Bride of course as wedding gowns will never go out of style. This brings us to the cocktail dress. Not too casual and not too too, the cocktail dress will never go out of style. Having taken on the name of the Little Black Dress regardless of how you refer to it, every girl has to have one.

Not a passing trend or flight of fancy, the origins of the cocktail dress are fascinating and date back to the 1920s, post-World War I. Women's rights were slowly emerging and this included, going out to parties and gatherings during the early evening hours. Hence, the cocktail hour even today is designated between the hours of 6 and no later than 8 pm. (After 8 pm it's no longer a cocktail hour but a party.) Though the length of the dress was still down to the ankles, the dress was accentuated with a broach or some other dazzling piece of jewelry in order to distinguish the garb from daytime wear.

Fast forwarding to the 1940s, the economic hardships of World War II forced designers to shorten the cocktail dress to knee length but the glamourized accessories now accentuated with the cocktail hat continued to be a fashion statement. This was underscored by fashion designer, Christian Dior, who gave the attire its indelible name, "the cocktail dress."

Here we are today always on the lookout for the perfect cocktail dress, now perfect for a multitude of occasions. Yes, even to the most fashionable of weddings; even though you never want to look better than the Bride. While the color black never goes out of fashion the choices in fabric, and style offer a bevy of good options. A velvet dress is great for the winter while

chiffon or something lightweight and silky is a must to have for warmer weather.

Adorn your dress with a hat, (if you want to make a statement, wear a hat), gloves, a splash of jewelry, make-up, hair and nails, and for a special touch an evening bag, and oh... don't forget your shoes as all of these items, together, are a must.

Give yourself a wink in the mirror and out the door you go, dashing from one cocktail party to the next. You'll be a smash!

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