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Updated: Jan 9

From the time I was 3 years old, I studied ballet. I loved twirling across the floor, accompanied by the pianist whose lyrical tunes and fingers danced with me. The challenge was to be conscious of your body placement, your space on the stage, and of those around you, hold on to the choreography, listen to the music and then abandon yourself in the moment. I continued to develop my art and my passion well beyond my youthful years until I reached the time in every Ballerina's life when you have to hang up the ballet shoes.

It was during this time that someone told me to go to the gym for a workout, jump on the treadmill, keep my abs tight, and get a trainer. Take a spin class. While this was music to someone else's ears it was a death knoll to me. It took quite a few years before I transitioned from Ballerina to Fitness nut. I was certain that my ballet master, (Mr. Vladimir Dokoudovsky) was spinning in his grave at the mere thought of me lifting barbells. Only now do I see how the two go hand in hand.

Still, though I am one who would rather run to the theatre than run to the gym I wanted some piece of equipment that will give me a cardio workout, and focus on muscle toning, while I work up a sweat.

At last! I was introduced to the Agility Ladder and man oh man does this do the trick.

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Lightweight, and portable with no bulky, complicated setup this is the new fitness training of choice. Whether you're looking for just the basics or daring to push it just a little bit further with a little more resistance, each of these sets serves the same purpose. With increased agility, stronger muscles, speed, and endurance, the Agility Ladder will get you pumping.

Good for professionals, adults, youth, and kids. All products come with an ebook so you can enjoy the drills while getting in shape. Whether you're going out for a round of golf, soccer, ice skating, bicycling, long-distance walking, or any other type of athletics, with the Agility Ladder, you will be more than in shape. You'll be ready to hang with the best of them. People will be amazed. Can't get outdoors, set up the Agility Ladder indoors, it's great on a rainy day.

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