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Golf Is My Game

Updated: Mar 6

There is so much to write about when it comes to the game of Golf - where does one begin? I can begin by saying Golf is a very serious game and is taken very seriously by many. Whether they play the game or play at the game there's a word of caution:

  • Never mess around with a golfer's golf clubs

  • Never interrupt when the game is on

  • Never schedule any other event that conflicts with a golf outing or you will find yourself going solo

Now that we know the rules, here are a few items of interest that just make the game a little more interesting. Serious golfers will take their golf clubs very seriously. Word on the circuit is Clubs by Calloway ranked pretty high when it comes to getting a grip on the game. They make a set specially designed for men, a set for women, and another for kids, as it's never too early to get into the game.

Children of all ages are joining the club as golf is becoming popular among the younger set. The folks at Precise Golf have a variety of sets for boys, girls, right-handers

and lefties


Oh, I can hear them now... Wait a minute! You can never go wrong with a set made by Wilson, which gets an Honorable Mention from the folks at Amazon

As I'm told, the Essential for experienced players are

Clubs by Cobra and worth the price if you really want to get your game on

So what goes into making a good golf club?

Features like the angle on the clubface, which connects with the ball in a certain manner depending on whether you want to strike the ball high for a shorter distance and whether you're on the green or not. Of course, the size of the iron come in all sizes, which will also affect your game. Long, Mid-range, Short or Wedges. If these terms don't sound familiar to you then you really need to take a course.

Then, there is the shaft to consider. The shaft will control the speed of the golf ball upon impact. Whereas a steel shaft is easier to control, a Graphite shaft is lightweight and offers more flexibility - though not recommended for beginners. And then there's the combination, a mix of graphite and steel, preferred by most, or so I'm told.

And as a reminder, keep the grooves clean and you'll have a more consistent shot. Hmmm who knew!

Here's another tip, offered by the authors Sam Anderson and the Gear Hungry Team for Amazon and writers at When playing on an executive course (also called a par-3 course), you may only need to use irons and a putter because each hole is short in distance.

When purchasing a set of clubs select clubs, regardless of the brand that are compatible with your height. If the shaft is too long, you will be too far from the ball, too short,

it will affect your stance. Either way, you lose control. Consider the weight of the club. Too heavy, you'll lose control again, too light, you lose your power.

With a game this serious, one must have all of the accouterments.


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