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Hair Comes the Bride

Updated: Jan 19

photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash photo by Thai An on Unsplash

Whether you're the bride, bridesmaid, not about to get married, never been married already married, who doesn't want to look good?

With tips and tools of the trade, there's no excuse for a bad hair day. Nonetheless, there are still a

few things you should know before you stock your arsenal. photo by Cassio Jardim on Unsplash

When it comes to purchasing the right product for your hair type, there is more to look for than just a fancy name or design.

To get the best results consider:

The CHI is every girl's

Flat Iron dream. Salon quality, this little baby leaves hair feeling silky smooth

while eliminating the frizz. The CHI has titanium ceramic-infuse plates that heat up quickly and is equipped with a one-hour safety shutoff. To learn how you can order yours today

Whether the instrument fits comfortably into the palm of your hands. After all, it's your hands that work the magic, so if a handle is too big or too small being able to maneuver your device becomes awkward and gives you less control.

Conair, a trusted brand that has withstood the changes in styles, weather,

and time. Affordable and powerful with a cool shot button for continuous use. Don't prepare for the big day or dare travel without yours. For fast delivery from Amazon.

Look to check out the temperature controls. A tool that gives off too much heat or not enough is, well, useless. A device, such as the Conair blow dryer that comes with a variety of accessories as well as a wide barrel will help hair dry faster without drying it out or causing split ends. Having the option of using a smaller barrel will allow for a curlier style. Either way, whether you want volume and bouncy hair or smooth and sleek you still want hair that looks healthy and shines so keep these goals in mind when shopping.

My hot brush of choice. The greatest invention since sliced bread. The brush allows you to cover your whole head of hair evenly, creating shorter drying times. You're always guaranteed a fresh-looking style that lasts for more than a day. Easy to pack and a must to take when traveling. To order now

One final tip ... if you are the Bride, remember, this is your day! Don't be afraid to go all out. Get glamorous. Don't put anything off until the last minute. Make a list and

check things off as you go along. Nails - check; Make-up - check; - Hair - Double check because now that you know the deal, you're going in style. Remember. You're beautiful!

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