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I love the beach

Updated: May 27, 2021

If I go to the beach in the winter then you know I go in the summer. My dreamiest of dreams or number one in my bucket list as they may say... Is to travel to every exotic beach in the world. Notice, the keyword here is exotic, which I only use for lack of a better, more exciting, provocative, attention-getting way of saying - a clean beach with absolutely no trash, good sand, not dirt, and clear blue water. Waves would be nice and if the water is warm... even better.

I've been to a few good beaches in my life. While the New England waters are refreshingly cold and the Caribbean soothingly warm, I've yet to find anything in between. Loquillo Beach in Puerto Rico is really nice. South Beach on Martha's Vineyard is everyone's favorite. The beach at Veradero, Cuba is especially delightful and being a die-hard homegrown New York City girl I have to say that Jones Beach will always and forever be on the top of my list. It was on the sands of Jones Beach during the month of November, during a sand storm that my husband and I, wrapped in a blanket, stood by the shore and shared a kiss after having recently become engaged.

The beach featured in this video is Main Beach, East Hampton, which I refer to as the 15-minute beach. This is because we can only park in the 15-minute lot since we are not residents of the village of East Hampton and therefore relegated to Amagansett Beach. Not to worry. I've had some fascinating swims at Main Beach and wonderful quiet times when my hubby drops me off for a mommy day and picks me up hours later.

One of my friends took a trip to Bali, Bangkok, and Singapore, (a better version of the word exotic) where he stuck his toe in the Indian Ocean. Now there's something to aspire to. While still a little closer to home.... my favorite, most memorable day at the beach, which admittedly is really hard to say.... as even now as I'm about to say memories flash through my mind. Could it have been as a teenager when we all hiked out to Riis Beach or when I held my daughter then 5 or 6 years old in my arms while teaching her how to ride the waves at the Ink Well West, West or eons ago when I learned how to ride the waves myself at South. Hmmmm Putting all cherished memories aside, my best, unforgettable beach thus far has to be on Paradise Island, Nassau Bahamas.

I hear you saying, "Whaaaat," because Nassau is not my favorite place in the world either - a topic for another day and the experience alone is another post. Yet, not to leave you totally high and dry just picture this.... Me in my favorite black bikini, a bright sunny day without a cloud in the sky, water the temperature of your bath, and waves soft and sweet with just the right amount of pressure to engulf your entire body flat out on the sand at the shoreline and then swirl all around you, one right after the other and moving you to the rhythm of the ocean, with a light spray over your head, trickling down your face, the salt touching your lips leaving nothing else to say but ahhhhh.

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