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Updated: Mar 29, 2021

I have a confession to make.... I am not a Millennial nor am I a baby boomer. I am part of the generation my mother referred to as "Flower Children." Born and raised during a time when the grass was really green, the sky was really blue, you could both swim in the water and drink it. There were no wars going on, at least none that were apparent - well at least not during my most formative years. Most of all, we had a real sunny view of life - it was all about having fun. Each new day was filled with excitement and wonderlust. Those days were iconic.

I love the word iconic. It's a word that is seldom used, as opposed to words like awesome. It has a much more sophisticated sound to it as opposed to totally dude. There's a mysterious sense of strength that spurs the mind to envision beyond the norm; something larger than life. There is nothing blah or every day about something, someone, someplace that is iconic. It's special.

One of my most memorable lines from a movie comes from Best Man Holiday, where the old gang has gathered for a Christmas weekend celebration at the home of Lance and Mia Sullivan. Robyn, (played by Sanna Latham) and Candice (played by Regina Hall) have both married into the group of old, college friends and are having a bonding moment as they sit on the couch watching the guests arrive. Among the arrivals is Jordan (played by Nia Long) Robyn's rival of a sort as she dated Robyn's husband (played by Taye Diggs) in college. Candice assures Robyn that Jordan, who is a highly successful career woman, is really nice but emphasizes, "her man on the other hand is iconic."

Iconic you see come in many shapes, ways, and forms. Try casually weaving it into your conversation, and notice the effect it has on your listener (their reaction can be our little secrete). Much like my childhood, a time of Al Green singing Love and Happiness; where John Lennon sang, some say I'm a dreamer but I'm not the only one, and Don Cornelius signed off with love, peace, and Soul, life can be iconic if only you let it be.

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