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Spring Summer Fall Winter - My Favorite Time of Year

What could be better than to be without a sweater and run in the hot summer's sun?

To go to the park, the beach, or the shore to stay out long after dark...

But then to see the leaves on the trees turn a golden, red, yellow, and brown... to run and play throughout the piles of summer leaves that have fallen to the ground

And as the days grow shorter and shorter with the smell of Autumn in the air

The cold winter's night brings a special delight when we know that winter is here

It's good to know as the cold winds blow and the trees are very bare

That after a heavy and many a storms the little buds will appear

Before they grow and cover the sky I sneak out into the night

to bask in the glow of diamonds in the sky and there amongst their light

Through the branches bare it suddenly appears the most amazing sight

The beautiful Moon, I start to swoon and hold on very tight

Knowing soon the flowers will bloom and their beauty a beautiful sight

It's the Moon I see whether golden or new that keeps me close and near

In the air or at sea wherever I may be

It's my favorite time of year

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