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The Best Headphones Ever

Recommended by Best Reviews, here are the top five headphones on the market today, all available from Amazon.

My daughter just turned 17 years old. Can you believe it! She was just a baby. It seems as though it was just yesterday when all she wanted for her birthday was an American Girl doll and a couple of outfits to go with it. And I thought that was expensive...

Now, what does she want? What every teenager wants. For that matter, it's what every adult wants too. A brand new, straight out of the box, the best ever dope pair of headphones. I, being a mom, wasted no time at all and went on the quest to find the best headphones ever. After a little research and comparison shopping, here's what I found.

First I had to understand, what exactly makes a "good" set of headphones. There has to be more than what my husband would say is, they're all new and shiny. He's right. (Please don't tell him I said that). Headphones are rated on 4 separate factors: audio driver size; frequency response; sensitivity; and last but not least comfort. While all of these terms, except the latter sound way too technical for me, I refused to be deterred and went one step further to see what the heck are these experts in the field talking about. Here's the deal.

Audio driver size and type focus on the speakers' within the headset, which in turn affect the overall sound quality. The audio driver size, measured in terms of millimeters has to be congruent with the audio type. All I can say about this factor is, it's a little too techy for me, but obviously it makes a difference, so I'll take your word for it.

Frequency quite simply equates to whether the headphones can put the bass in your face (or in this instance, in your ears) or tone it down a little and let a little treble in. Like everything in life, balance is important.

Sensitivity is not a word I would have ever associated with headphones but come to find out, headphones have feelings too. As my dad used to say, you can always tell a good speaker if the audio is just as clear when the volume is low as well as when the volume is high. Well, that's good to know because I get really nervous when I think my daughter has the speakers blasting in her ears just so she can understand the lyrics. That's good to know, even if I don't understand the lyrics on these songs they play nowadays - no matter what volume they're being played - but that's another story.

Without saying, the secret sauce of good, if not great headphones is comfort. When you put them on, do you not want to take them off, like for hours? If the answer is yes, and you've got all of the above going for you then, go for it.

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