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To Fire or Kindle the Flame

The one thing that hasn't changed over time is, people love to read. What has changed are the options available to enable the readers to, well, read. No longer are we relegated to reading a book while sitting, nor are the locations limited as to where we read.

The voluminous options of what and where we can read are no longer the issue. What does require a bit more thought is which device will fit our lifestyle, mood, and the versatility of our everyday existence.

Who would have ever thought technology would play such a major part in the simple tasks of reading? Yet, here again, we are presented with options to fit into our personal life and style with ease of use and comfort.

Best on the market today are:

Kindle Oasis - The first Kindle arrived on the scene in 2007, and there have been relatively few updates since.

The Kindle Oasis, pictured here, is one of the newer generations that has some really cool features. The adjustable light, waterproof feature, (disclaimer: the device will malfunction if immersed in water), and text-to-speech, functionality which is like having your own personal storyteller. Altogether, these elements enhance the reading pleasure. For that real bookish feel, try the Kindle Paperwhite 8-gigabyte model. With a longer-lasting battery, it turns pages faster with a glare-free display.

Whichever model you decide on, consider purchasing the Kindle Durable Cover. Aesthetically designed, it will protect your Kindle from water splashes or when accidentally dropped. Best of all, when opened it automatically picks up reading right where you left off.

The Amazon Fire unlike what you've seen before is as versatile as it is a high grade of functionality. A traditional tablet that can feature all your favorite apps, including dropbox and Alexa. If your only interest is in reading books then the Kindle Oasis shown above, is for you. It doesn't have all of the fancy options as this unit but you can download well over 1,000 books or very close to it. However, if you're on the go and need a device that can roll with you then the Amazon Fire is the way to go.

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