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To Grate or Blend That is the Question

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

The one thing we all did during the pandemic is spend more time in the kitchen. We even went so far as to perfect a dish or two, hence getting a tad bit more sophisticated in choosing our utensils. I, for one, braved the outside elements, donned a mask and gloves to run in, and run out of the supermarkets for staples and supplies. I grabbed all of the condiments I could to spice up and enhance the meals we were eating (some repeatedly) in order to add a little excitement.

Ever so conscious of trying to stay nutritious to fight off any illness to the best of my ability, I bought fresh garlic, onions, parsley, and ginger, adding them religiously to every meal I cooked, and still do today. While there was nothing but time during 2020 to chop, slice and dice, a new appreciation has developed for appliances to assist with the preparation.

Long known for their usefulness are food processors and blenders. While food processors are thought to be used for big food items, blenders on the other hand are known for blending quicky drinks like smoothies, and Pina Coladas. Known for healthy juicing are, what else, juicers. We won't talk about juicers, since we know exactly what they do, let's take a look at the former, food processors and blenders.

If budget, counter, or cabinet space allows you may want to get all three, as each has its own select purpose that they do so well. However, if you had to make a choice, the best way to start is to consider, is the appliance for everyday use, a large gathering, often, or just sometimes. Is there enough counter space, and what's the budget?

Take a look at the blender.

Ninja BL610 Professional 72 Oz Countertop Blender with 1000-Watt Base and Total Crushing Technology makes creamy smoothies and will also pulverize ice, fruits and vegetables in seconds. The recipes are endless, clean up is simple and it's dishwasher safe.

As you can see, with the Ninja, you have options and it's reasonably priced, considering all of its uses. Whether, entertaining for a group, for two, or just for yourself, this is a keeper.

The food processor may be the way to go when dealing more with solid foods or wanting to do more than just blend. Take, for instance, grating cheese, making dough, or anything that needs to be chopped rather than blitzed. Food Processors come in a variety of sizes so don't be put off by imagining food processors are these big, hunky apparatuses.

When my daughter was an infant and ready for something more substantial to eat than Similac, I took one taste of baby food in a jar, and yuck! I knew she wasn't eating that stuff. I immediately bought a mini food processor and whatever we had for dinner, she had too; only hers was baby food consistency (aka mush).

Perfect for smaller mouths and occasions

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Fast forward to today, 17 years later, my food processor of choice is the

GE Food Processor. Shown here.

The GE Food Processor comes complete with 3 Feeding tubes, which eliminates having to cut up food, such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, and carrots into much smaller pieces. Additionally, it comes with 3 Discs and a Dough Blade. With three speeds, high, low, and pulse, you will be amazed by how much time you can save and the combination of dishes you can create.

Wanting to have the best of both worlds, (and who doesn't), cooks in the know also recommend having an Immersion Blender either in addition to or instead of a blender or food processor.

Take a look at the Cuisinart CSB-179 Smart Stick Variable Speed Hand Blender, Stainless Steel Color: Black/Stainless Steel Style: Smart

The handheld device calls for a bit more energy

than simply pushing a button. It does, however,

have its charm. It takes up less counter space

and in a pinch, you may be more likely to grab

for your immersion, definitely before reaching

for an old fashion knife.

Let's have a party!

Recipes from The Perfect Blending Cookbook will have you blending up a storm.

If it's the food processor that you prefer when you need a little something something to go along with the perfect smoothie then ... how about whipping up some yummy Oatmeal Peanut Butter Energy Bars . A recipe from Five heart Home suggests adding all of your ingredients, to which I would add raisins, and granola in the food processor and blend for about 15 minutes. Afterward, spoon out on a cookie sheet and place in the fridge for at least 2 hours. OMG!

With a final note from Cuisinart the manufacturer

Whatever your pleasure, spiffy up your kitchen with any one or two of these appliances and enjoy the extra time off.

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