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Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

The road to self-care begins with doing something nice for yourself. What better way than to treat yourself to a good cup of coffee, every day, in the comfort of your own home? As small as it may seem, starting the day off by waking up to the fresh brewed aroma of your favorite brand of beans, steaming hot and ready at your service, prepares the day, and you, off to a good start.

In my household, our special breakfast treat is to brew our coffee from whole beans. We had originally bought a separate whole bean coffee grinder and would go through the task of grinding the beans, with one eye still shut with sleep, then transfer the beans (half of which would fall on the floor or the counter) into the coffee pot filter and wait for the process to begin.

This process repeated itself until finally, eureka! we discovered the revolutionary all-in-one coffee grinding and brewing machine. We didn't want any old coffee maker. It had to go through a rough process of meeting all of our high demands. We want to stick with whole beans, so the capacity to grind and brew was important. Having an automatic timer was a real treat as it was one less thing to do in the morning. A sleek design that fits in easily on our tiny New York City kitchen counter was a cherry on top. Fitting the bill was ...

Black & Decker 12-Cup Mill and Brew Coffeemaker, CM5000B does it all. The programmable clock sets the time for when the grinding starts and the brewing begins. Makes anywhere from 1-12 cups of our favorite brand of whole bean coffee. It's known as "fresh coffee, fast." Versatile to use pre-ground coffee as well as whole beans the Mill and Brew Coffeemaker also allows for custom strength brewing, from bold and strong to regular and mild. To order yours...

Now don't get me wrong. A good cup of coffee is a good cup of coffee regardless of whether it's made of whole beans or not. In fact, every morsel of ground coffee eventually came from a bean so what's the big deal if you grind the coffee yourself or have it done for you? Good point! After all, why sweat the small stuff?

What I've most recently learned is the thing that makes a great cup of coffee is the "pressure," or the ability of the coffee machine to extract every drop of flavor out of the coffee itself while it's brewing. That's the difference between a good cup of coffee and a great one. This is why the Nespresso Vertuo Next Deluxe Coffee and Espresso Machine is so very popular.

VIEUE Premium Coffee and Espresso Maker

in Gray makes an exceptional cup of coffee with a silky crema on top. Easy to use and delicious every time, coffee pods come in a variety of flavors. Preferred by many, see if it's right for you

Looking for something novel and new to replace the trusty old thermos? Who says you can't take it with you? Don't say you can't to the makers of Caffe2go. I love the idea of heading out to the beach, with a group of friends, early in the morning or perhaps, hiking through the woods and stopping by the lake for a hot cup of coffee. Coffee doesn't have to be strictly a morning thing, in the kitchen, still in your pajamas or as you are running out of the door. Take it with you, and not in a thermal cup.

Caffe2go Presso XI | Portable Coffee Maker Ground and Capsules Heating Functions Included Travel Small Machine for Travel | 110 ML This is the only coffee maker on the market that lets you make your coffee, on the go, wherever you are. Lightweight and small enough to put in a backpack, or carryall, you can now enjoy your favorite brand of coffee be it Nespresso or ground wherever you are, whenever you want. Fresh, hot, and delicious the Presso XI is battery powered connecting to a heating plate and temperature sensors so you can always enjoy. Makes the perfect gift. Watch the short video to learn more ...

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