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One of our family's favorite pastimes is cuddling up together on the couch with a bowl of microwave popcorn and watching TV. Whether it's a good movie on Friday night, college sports on Saturday, or Sunday night football, it's one of the relaxing, family, fun times we all look forward to.

While we love our 48" screen television set, mounted on the wall as the pixels are perfect, the trouble is, we can never clearly hear what is being said. Even though we're sitting there, glued to the screen like a deer in headlights we still have trouble figuring out what's really going on because we can barely hear the audio.

It wasn't until our summer vacation, where we rented a cottage on Martha's Vineyard that came with a television set with a soundbar attached that we realized what has been missing all of our t.v., watching lives.

Whether you want to spend a little or go all out, the available choices in finding a soundbar to meet your listening pleasure needs are there for the asking.

Highly recommended is the Majority Bowfell Small Sound Bar for TV with Bluetooth, RCA, USB, Opt, AUX Connection, Mini Sound/Audio System for TV Speakers/Home Theater, Gaming, Projectors, 50 watt, 15 inch.

While the name says it all it's the fact that it comes with a remote that I like. Nothing like having the world in the palm of your hand. Check out the specs and order from here

Again, the offerings in soundbars are amazing. You can go high or you can go low. Either way, it will revolutionize your whole television watching experience. You'll wonder how you ever went so long without one.

Majority K2 Sound Bar with Subwoofer | 150W Powerful Stereo 2.1 Channel Sound Bar for TV | Home Theatre 3D Surround Sound I HDMI ARC, Bluetooth, Optical & RCA Connection I USB & AUX Playback

Sleek and discreet, this combo will fit into any room. Get yours.

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