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In this working world of the new normal, whether working part-time at the office or starting a business of your own, having the right equipment will make the difference between success and efficiency or utter confusion.

Versatile as it is functional. The Fatorri L Shaped Home Office Desk is 59 inches wide allowing for a desktop, laptop, and plenty of workspace for the old-fashioned pen and paper. The lower adjustable shelves are perfect for keeping books and reference materials at your fingertips. Now you're ready for business.

The key to working at home is being organized. It's a big leap from being in the office where everything is set up for you; to where you can step off of the elevator and walk to your desk with your eyes closed and get started. If you have already tried to work from home, sitting in the same comfy chair that you watch t.v., from, with your laptop in your lap, juggling papers and a cell phone then you already know, this setup isn't going to work. So, let's take a deep breath and back up a few steps.

Begin with finding a space in your home or apartment (please note further references to home also refer to an apartment) where you are close to an electrical outlet. A small thing but you will find it's the little things that make all of the difference.

Charge multiple devices while charging phones, cameras
The Multi Plug Outlet Extender with USB fits neatly into all wall sockets

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Next to being physically organized, there are a couple of theories on how to divide your time so that you are most productive. One suggestion is to allocate 40 minutes at a time on each individual assignment, taking a 15-minute break in between to run around the house and "do" things. With the remaining 5 minutes, sit back down at your desk, get into position, close your eyes, take some deep breaths, and when the 5 minutes are up get back to work.

This brings us to the next important feature, the chair. Go high or go low, whether you spend a little or a lot, it's hard to put a price on your comfort. It is, however, important to have a good chair that will give you support and allow you to sit for long periods of time. My suggestion is to look at all of your options and if you have a few extra pennies to spare, this is the area to invest.

Moderately priced

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but worth it ...

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Now that you have the essentials in place you're ready for the necessary accessories, and the

selections are endless. You will want to eliminate clutter, so take a look at today's selection offering

a combination of functionality and versatility that you just can't resist. Take for instance the

Bluetooth Speakerphone, Conference Speaker with Microphone


This device allows for 4-6

people to join in on the

conference. The AIRHUG 01 has a specialty design equipped with a digital microphone that picks up voices clearly in real time for high-quality definition. Great for playing music.

Remember, it's hard to think if you're constantly adjusting, fixing, reaching, and looking for your office tools. Being comfortable and having everything within arms reach is the way towards efficiency, productivity, and a high level of performance. I'll leave you with a few more essentials for consideration. From there the work world is your oyster.

Now get busy.

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